Left, Left, Left, Right, Left…

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If you’ve been staying tuned in to all things Loghan, then you know that walking is one of the obstacles we are trying to overcome. We work SO hard towards the goal of walking with different exercises, therapy and now, after a visit to a pediatric rehabilitation and orthotics specialist, the support of Surestep SMO ankle braces.

For those of you that don’t know, Loghan has RERE Syndrome and with that comes certain challenges. One of these challenges is walking. Out of the handful of people officially diagnosed with RERE there are quite a few that are or won’t walk. Some are said to be because of abnormalities of the brain while others cannot find an explanation as to why their little one won’t walk.

Loghan does have mild volume loss in her corpus callosum. The corpus callosum helps the right and left sides of the brain communicate to each other. Abnormalities to this part of the brain could affect her speech, walking, coordination and overall development, but we won’t really know much until she gets older. I was told not to worry about this as she is developing nicely and there are people completely missing the corpus callosum that are fully functioning.

She squints when the sun hits her face, chases her shadow and let’s the wind blow through her hair…


Let’s be honest, everyone can tell you not to worry but you’re going to worry. Worrying isn’t always a bad thing unless you let it consume you. I use it as part of my motivation to be more proactive and involved in Loghan’s development.

One way I have learned to find new ways or tips on ways to improve Loghan’s development was to talk about it. Yes, that’s right, TALK. It might be hard at first, depending your situation, but no one can give you advice if they don’t know. Talk to your family, friends, start a blog (ha!), join social groups in –person and online. Talk until people listen. Talk until people care. Just talk.

Talking and reaching out is how we got Loghan into her ankle braces. I went on a play date with the only other mom I knew, personally, that had a child that needed extra assistance. Once we started talking, light bulbs started going off and she referred me to one of the specialists that helped her daughter.

After I met with the specialist, she recommended the Surestep SMO ankle braces. Based on her evaluation she advised Loghan has hind foot pronation. In my MOMlingo, that basically means that her ankle bone turns inward and her foot turns outward. Her ankles are also a little weak, partially because she is so small. Everyone’s hope is that these will provide her some extra support to help get her walking, and guess what, they are!

I definitely don’t think the ankle braces alone are why she is on the verge of walking on her own but I do see a difference when she is wearing them versus not. I am hopeful she will not have to wear them forever, but for now they are a tool for her success, and you guys, look at these! They are just so little and cute…like her (The pic is from her very first day after getting them fit)!

Oh, and they make noise!

Maybe she’ll be a tap dancer – Ha!

Loghan received her ankle braces December 5, 2019 and we are still in her first pair. The nice thing about the type she has is that they are not full foot or leg braces so she can grow a little bit without having to get news ones quite so often. If your little one is struggling to walk, has lower muscle tone or other issues but you can see they have the desire to do it, check out your options. Where there is a will there is a way and Loghan is definitely finding her way to succeed!

This is one of Loghan’s first times walking in her walker with her shoes AND braces on!
This video shows Loghan’s improvement walking in her walker with her braces and shoes after only been wearing them for a month or so.

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