Loghan’s Story Part 4: Mom on a Mission

If you’ve stayed with me this far, I’m now on a mission to find answers! If you’re just joining me, please check out Loghan’s Story Parts 1-3 to catch up!

Here we go!

After many doctors’ visits with the same result, which was no result, I started confiding in my breastfeeding support group for suggestions. I explained her multitude of symptoms and the pediatrician’s monotonous conclusion that my baby was just fussy and it must be something in my diet. The nurses and moms alike were happy to offer up their personal stories and suggestions to try.

This is a picture of Loghan with one of my favorite lactation specialists, Kristin, who I think has an uncanny resemblance to Cameron Diaz (we can agree to disagree)!

After having tried cutting out dairy and soy from my diet, bringing in poopy diapers with blood in them to be analyzed, having my milk tested for calories per ounce and Loghan being poked and prodded for blood samples too many times to count, it was time to check out some other alternatives. I was desperate and willing to try anything, so please don’t judge!

The first thing I tried was chiropractic care. Personally, I go to the chiropractor regularly so for me to bring Loghan to a chiropractor was not a crazy idea. I had heard great things about chiropractic care for infants so this was a step in the right direction to possibly find a solution. Sadly, after a few treatments I wasn’t seeing any changes in Loghan’s symptoms. However, we periodically have Loghan treated by a chiropractor for things like constipation and it works like a charm!

Another thing I tried was applied kinesiology. Applied kinesiology is making a diagnosis or choosing a treatment by testing the muscles for strength and weakness. I had Loghan treated at two different practices that used two completely different methods and returned some similar, yet different results. The main reason I went down this route was to find out if Loghan had any other food sensitivities that I should remove from my diet. Allergy clinics or Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT’s) clinics will not test for food allergies until at least one year of age, at which point they do a prick or blood test.

If you have never seen applied kinesiology done on an infant, it is kind of a trip! I will try to explain this as best as I can in my MOM lingo! They have you hold your child in one arm and hold out your other arm. They then take a vile of a type of food or the actual food and rub it on the child’s skin. After that, they press down on certain areas of the child (like the stomach or face) while also pressing on your arm. If your arm resists the pressure of the kinesiologist to push it down, the child can tolerate that food. If your arm does not resist the pressure and moves down, the child cannot tolerate that food.

I know there is more to it that this but this is the gist of what went on at these two appointments. This is why I ended up eliminating gluten and eggs from my diet on top of dairy and soy. I can say now that I have added gluten, eggs and soy back into my diet without any issues. However, dairy still seems to be a sensitivity for Loghan, even after her hernia surgery. I also confirmed her dairy allergy with a prick test after she turned one.

This is a picture of what a “prick” test looks like. The two spots that look like reactions are the antihistamine (which everyone should react to) and prove the tests to be valid.

Now that you think I am crazy (like my husband lol), or maybe not, those are the additional alternatives I tried when seeking to find answers for Loghan. It is amazing the things you will do for your loved ones, especially your child and I would have done more if I needed to. I would go to the ends of the earth for my family!

In my next post, I will talk about the days leading up to Loghan’s hospital admittance, our experience at the hospital and her recovery.

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