This Journey is going to be NUTS!

Thanks for joining me!

I would rather fail and try than fail to try. — Charlie Chaplin

If you are checking out my page and there is not any content yet, don’t worry, nothing squirrely is going on! I am still working out some details, brainstorming blog topics and working out this whole work-life balance thing. I promise that Squirreled Mom will be up and running very soon! “How soon?” you might ask. Well…

I cannot think of a better date to go live with my blog other than January 28th, 2020, a date I will never forget.  This date marks the beginning of my daughter Loghan’s journey, a featured story you can follow on my blog. Loghan’s journey is a multiple part blog series where I discuss, in detail, each of her conditions and our journey through the healthcare system to find answers that no one else thought needed answered.

Soon after this date is when I became inspired to try my hand at this whole blogging thing and Squirreled Mom was born. I chose Squirreled Mom because I’m not here to just talk about one thing. I want to talk about babies and food and crafts and mom fails and sometimes, just life in general.  If I can make a difference for even one family going through similar issues, or save you time, money or energy on anything I share, then all the time I spend blogging is worth it!

As I continue to build my blog’s content, follow Squirreled Mom to stay up-to-date on new posts and share with your friends and family – I promise nut to get to squirrely!

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